Auto Injuries

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Auto Injuries Las Vegas, NV − If you've been involved in a car accident whether it be a severe whiplash just a minor fender bender and are in search for a great chiropractor that specializes in car accident injuries in Las Vegas, call Gettinger Chiropractic at (702) 870-6658. Do not hesitate to call and setup an appointment with Dr. Gettinger as soon as possible. Not all symptoms following a car accident happen immediately, therefore, it's best to see a doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible for an examination. You're better safe than sorry. After a car accident, normally there is a limited time period to file a personal injury insurance claim, this is another reason you should make an appointment with Dr. Gettinger. Auto collisions can result in chronic pain if not treated promptly! You can watch the short PowerPoint to see what happens during a car crash.


A sudden forceful impact to the body as a result of a car crash can lead to any of the following:

•Back injury
•Ligament damage
•Muscle spasms
•Shoulder pain
•Neck injury
•Pinched nerves
•Muscle tears
•Spinal misalignment
•Ringing in the ears
•Arm pain or tingling
•Joint pain

Phases of Whiplash:

Some common symptoms after a car accident may include:

muscle stiffness, neck pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, back pain, difficulty sleeping,
irritability, memory loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and many other indications.